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ANKARA ANTIKACILIK organizes  42nd  Live Online Auction between 26 November-5 December 2021.

There are 443 works in total in the auction, in which the theme of "New Year's Eve" stands out. There are different alternatives at the auction for anyone who wants to buy gifts for their loved ones and themselves on New Year's Eve.

You can place bids to all items in our auction until 5 December, Sunday 20.00 PM.
- At 20.01, Please click "LIVE" button on the home page and wait for a moment.
- This page will automatically be active and "Online Live Auction" will start at 20.01 and each item will be sold with 15 second intervals
- During the last 10 seconds of this ongoing process, if any item is given a bid, the ending time will be automatically be increased for another 10 seconds.

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